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Our unique approach to wellness
uses food as a tool to change
your chemistry, increase your vitality,
and unlock your healthiest, most vibrant self.

We don’t believe in restriction, diets or rigid lifestyles but instead support
a healthy and happy journey to your best self through simple, balanced
adjustments to your daily life. It’s our mission to make the latest science
and research accessible and actionable through our guides, courses
and recipes that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle.

Because we believe good food & great nutrition can coexist.


Helloooo, I’m Katie Dewhurst.

Functional Medicine
Health Coach &


Total honesty: I came into this profession because I used to really struggle with
food. I tried all the diets, and even loved cooking “healthy”, but it wasn’t until I
learned the science of blood sugar balance that I cracked the code on what my
actually needed. I felt like I had uncovered a secret that no one was talking

I was so inspired by this newfound food freedom that I went back to school to
study functional medicine, specializing in female health & nutrition. My mission
was (and
still is!) to share the science, so women can find more balance, health,
and vitality through food.

Through my private coaching practice, I had the privilege of guiding over 400 women to optimal wellness
at all phases of life.

But I wanted to help even more women live a more balanced life. So, in 2016 I
launched Hello Balance as a digital resource for millennial women seeking a
fresh perspective on food and nutrition.

Since then, Hello Balance has evolved into so much more. In 2020, we launched
our first Cookbook & Guide, containing all of my best, tried-and-true recipes and
tips. In 2021, we expanded into fertility and pregnancy nutrition when I found that
both myself, and many of my clients, were seeking more evidence-based
guidance to achieve optimal health during this critical time.

While we continue to grow and evolve, one thing is for sure - you can always
count on Hello Balance to provide you with epic content, recipes, and more.

🤍 Katie

The Cookbook

90+ recipes and actionable, science-backed tips to help you step into the healthiest version of yourself.

The Hello Balance Guide + Cookbook is not just a cookbook … and it’s not just a
guide. Combining clean, delicious recipes with tips on how to burn fat, balance
your hormones, stop craving, increase energy, and so, so, SO much more, this
book has everything you need to unlock your healthiest you.

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Hello Baby Prenatal Nutrition Course

Did you know that what you eat both before
and during your pregnancy has a big impact on
your baby’s development?

The Hello Baby Prenatal Nutrition Course gives you all the tools to optimize your
nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy, so your new baby can become the
healthiest, smartest, & strongest version of themselves. Learn all about prenatal
supplements, what foods to eat (and avoid!), fertility, gain access to meal inspo,
delicious recipes, and more in this self-paced online course!


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