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Discover Katie's sustainable approach to nutrition that will help you hit body composition goals, have more energy, and enjoy damn good food without ever having to diet again. 

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Are You Tired of Diets That Don't Work?

You’ve come to the right place. 

I’ve tried it all (keto, vegetarian, whole 30 you name it!) and the only thing that actually got me results and felt good wasn't a diet at all - it was learning how to balance my blood sugar.

I know it doesn’t sound sexy, but let me tell you - it freaking works. 

Through my health coaching business, I’ve helped hundreds of women apply the method I teach in this cookbook and the results are undeniable. 


  • Shedding excess weight easily without ever going on a diet 

  • More energy & focus

  • No more cravings 

  • Improved metabolic health (reversing PCOS, type 2 diabetes, & insulin resistance)

  • No more brain fog (this is a surprising, yet common benefit reported after applying this method)

  • Less puffiness & bloating

  • Improved cardiovascular markers

Stop Dieting. Start Balancing. 

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Introducing The Hello Balance Cookbook!

A premium collection of over 90 of my best recipes and easy to implement tools to help you balance your blood sugar in a healthy & sustainable way.


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Unlock your healthiest, most radiant self and ditch dieting forever.

Once you learn the science of balancing blood sugar, it becomes intuitive and easy to follow. Unlike other cookbooks that can leave you feeling heavy, anxious, sluggish, bloated and craving more sugar later in the day, this one will leave you feeling... well, balanced!

My Transformation Story



  • Constantly restricting food

  • Insatiable cravings for carbs & sugar

  • Waking up bloated

  • Face was PUFFY like a chipmunk

  • Skin was dull

  • Exhausted, anxious, & out of control

  • Deeply unhappy in my body


  •  Naturally lean at a weight that felt good!

  • Obsessing over food went away

  • Woke up feeling light

  • Face looks naturally more defined & sculpted

  • I feel energized & excited about food!

  • I feel happy & in control of my health

Hi, I'm Katie!

If you’re anything like me, then YOU KNOW first hand that diets work…until they don’t. You know tracking calories works, until it's the weekend. Or that eating less works, until your hunger hormones scream at you to go look for a snack. We’ve all been in these frustrating diet cycles where we feel out of control around food.

Sorry to be captain obvious for a sec, but we’re not diet robots. That's why all these restrictive and overly calculated ways of eating don’t work long term for literally anyone. It’s also why the diet industry constantly has to come out with something new to sell us…🙄

My approach is 100% different from any diet you’ve ever tried.

The reason my approach works is because it’s sustainable with our modern lifestyles. I provide helpful structure so you know what your body needs from a biological standpoint to feel balanced, but I also give you tools so you can have complete food freedom to enjoy a glass of wine or bowl of pasta when you want. 

With this cookbook you can achieve metabolic balance to feel your best and hit your goals, but it will also majorly help you tap into your intuition with food choices so you feel more confident and satisfied, and less shame and confusion.

SOO if you want to eat intuitively, while elevating your energy and hitting your health goals, then this cookbook was written for you, my friend.

I want my copy!

Experience Complete 

of your digestion, skin, energy levels, mood, puffiness, and sugar cravings

Benefits for the Whole Family:

Your Kids

will have fewer meltdowns and feel more energized with their favourite recipes like savoury zucchini pancakes, grain-free chicken tenders, and prebiotic dark chocolate brownies!

Your Partner
will have fewer blood sugar drops where they feel easily irritated. No more grabbing convenient, packaged foods from the pantry!

Common Ingredients
can be used for these recipes. We include things you regularly have on hand and use frequently.

Still Not Sure if The Cookbook is For You?

Here are just a few of the extra tips and information I provide inside The Hello Balance Cookbook:

  • 5 key fat-burning tips with meal building formulas and portion tips that help you naturally balance your hormones

  • Hangover prevention tricks and grocery guides (what to keep in your fridge, pantry & freezer)

  • Tons of healthy food swaps, intermittent fasting tips and watch-outs for women

  • Tips for combatting sugar cravings and hacks for ordering healthier at a restaurant

  • Tips for plant based babes and protein powder recommendations

  • Quick tips for auto-correcting and minimizing the damage after an indulgent holiday, brunch, or date night

  • And SO much more!

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Don’t wait another day to start living in your most healthy, radiant, beautiful body.  


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