Katie gets it.
She’s been where you are.

Anyone that knows Katie, knows she’s had a lifelong passion for human nutrition and understanding the human body. She prides herself in being a “forever student”, consistently reading the latest literature and staying up to date on current scientific research.

After years of keeping human nutrition and wellness a personal interest, Hello Balance was born. Hello Balance grew out of Katie’s genuine love for helping others and the opportunity to guide them on their own unique wellness journeys.

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Heal & balance the body
from the inside out

Katie’s health coaching approach is based on the latest science and research, with a foundation in using real food as medicine, to heal and balance the body from the inside out.

Her approach is NOT about restriction, diets or rigid lifestyles. It’s about eating more of the right foods for you and making little adjustments in your daily life that will give you more energy, focus, and a sense of calm. (And by the way, the right foods don't have to be boring! Katie's clients only eat foods they deem delicious!)

Katie promises not to make you eliminate the foods you love, but instead give you sustainable tools and creative solutions that work with your lifestyle. Whether it be losing weight, fixing hormonal acne, balancing hormones, restoring your gut health, or combatting brain fog, she will give you the personalized guidance you’ve been searching for. Her goal is to bring your body back into balance so its functioning at its optimal level, so you can get back to living your best life!



Functional Nutrition Guide, Mind Body Green Functional Nutrition Program

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach