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Ditch Diets. Throw out the scale.
Move past the food guilt.

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This holistic plan is tailored just for you

Katie breaks down the confusing science of nutrition into an easy to understand formula that works. She will work with you one-on-one to develop a highly personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan that accounts for your current lifestyle, diet, likes, dislikes, genetics, available lab tests, and environmental factors. This holistic plan is tailored just for you, rooted in the latest science and research, and always with a foundation in using real food as medicine to heal and balance your body from the inside out.

The best part is – it’s a flexible way of eating! You can still have your rosé happy hours, date nights and brunch with girlfriends.

 Work With Katie


Our Services

  • Education on Macronutrients, Metabolism and Digestion

  • How to keep your Gut Microbiome healthy and flourishing. A healthy gut is key to combating chronic inflammation, sickness, depression, anxiety, autoimmune diseases and digestion issues

  • Autocorrect tools after an indulgent holiday, weekend, or night out.

  • Re-balancing your Hormones and PH levels with real food

  • Optimizing Brain Health for more clarity, energy, and focus

  • Preventing disease states and how to promote longevity through diet and lifestyle

  • Learn how to Balance your Blood Sugar so you can stop crashing, reduce cravings, feel full and satisfied after meals and calm and in control around food.

  • Nutrition planning to get back to or maintain Optimal Weight

  • How to stock a Healthy Kitchen + Kitchen Organization and clean up

  • Meal Planning and Recipe Support

  • Breaking Emotional Eating Patterns

  • Nutrition planning for Autoimmune Diseases

  • Detoxing the body through its natural processes instead of relying on strict detox programs and cleanses

  • Lifestyle recommendations and education on Stress Management, Movement, Sleep, and Hydration