7 Ways to Autocorrect After an Indulgent Holiday

1. Start fasting on the plane ride home.

I like to start preparing for Monday on the Sunday night before I get home. This gives me the jump start I need to have my most healthy, productive upcoming week. One way to do this is by giving your body a break from digesting food for 16-18 hours. This form of intermittent fasting will do amazing things for your body’s natural detoxification system!

Try being done eating by 5 PM and don’t have anything other than water or black coffee until 9 AM the next morning. During this natural fasting period, your body will bring insulin levels back down and will start burning its own fat for fuel! Since your body won’t be using its energy digesting food, it will have energy to focus on other housekeeping items like cellular repair[1][2], building new neurons in the brain[3][4], eliminating toxins and waste material in cells[5], and reducing oxidative stress and inflammation[6]. Fasting is scientifically proven to do SO much good for your body, plus it’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to hit the reset button.

2. Stay hydrated on your plane ride back.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably enjoyed your fair share of cocktails on holiday. Both alcohol and coffee are very dehydrating, so get yourself back on track with a big water bottle for the flight. Hydrating will support your body’s natural detoxification system as well as lower blood glucose levels.

3. Put yourself to bed.

Sleep is the ultimate hack for all things health! And the best part is, it takes literally no effort on our part. You just have to put yourself to bed. Our bodies do so much good for our health while we’re sleeping. Sleep supports a lot of the same functions that fasting does, which makes sense since we’re not eating while asleep. During sleep, you will reap all the benefits of detoxification and fat burning so long as you don’t eat in the 2-3 hours leading up to bedtime. On the flip side, the science suggests sleep deprivation increases appetite. One study found, on average, sleep-deprived people ate 385 more calories per day[7]. Put yourself to bed and wake up the next morning ready to tackle the week!

4. Get a workout in before breakfast.

A few reasons to consider exercising before breakfast:

  • When we’re in a fasted state human growth hormone increases, which promotes greater fat loss and muscle gain, when compared to a non-fasted workout.[8]

  • Sweating is one way we can help our bodies naturally detoxify.

  • Getting a workout in first thing, sets the tone for the day and can act as a snowball effect for good decisions the rest of the day and week. You will likely find working out can lead to healthier food choices, reduced cravings for sugar and processed foods, more energy, and better sleep!

  • Exercise is also one of the most effective ways to healthfully enjoy the release of mood boosting endorphins and other feel-good neurotransmitters including dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. [9] It might take some willpower to get to your work out, but once you’re done I guarantee you will be happy and proud for doing it.


5. Have a fat-burning, easy-to-digest smoothie for breakfast

A low carbohydrate, fruit-free smoothie full of protein, fat and fiber will keep you full and energized until lunch, so you’re not tempted to snack on the donuts in the break room.

6. Have a huge green salad for lunch.

Load up on all the nutrient rich vegetables your body is craving! Top with healthy fats and clean proteins. My favorite kind of salad would include leafy greens, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, bell peppers, cucumber, ripe tomatoes, roasted pine nuts and a big squeeze of lemon. For protein, I’ll top with whatever I have on hand – hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, or salmon. Sometimes I’ll add a little goat cheese to make it extra savory.

7. Have a nourishing, filling bone broth soup for dinner.

Bone Broth is the easiest base for making any soup you like. I love Kettle and Fire’s bone broth, but you can also pick some bone broth up at Little Farms or make it yourself and store in the freezer.

  • My favorite bone broth recipes are an easy beef pho or a veggie filled chicken zoodle soup. I use zucchini zoodles instead of noodles in my soups to keep carbs low and my blood sugar from spiking before bedtime.

I hope you find these tips helpful! I’d love to know – do you have any tips for getting back on track after an indulgent holiday?

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